Everybody longs for connection, for recognition, for acknowledgment. To be heard and understood is at the very heart of our existence and validates our reason for being. Why is that?
We believe that this is because we were created in the image of something greater and more magnificent than we could ever imagine...

A trinity of persons, to be exact, that are in perfect communion with each other and co-authored the creation with us in mind. He invites us into relationship that is Love incarnate and to do so in unison with our fellow created. This is our reason for being.

It may be where you find it, but it is a collection of absolutes that aren't malleable regardless of where they are discovered. For truth to be what it should, it is to be without tarnish or blemish. Tarnished truth sheds all ideals of reliability when it changes from perspective to perspective or situation to situation. Truth must be perfect and should be sought relentlessly. Without truth, there is nothing.

Unchanging, unrelenting Truth retains power and dignity regardless of perspective or situation. It is absolutely timeless and transcends temporal observences. It can be trusted and is paramount to the ideals of faith.
To have no absolutes is still absolute. To reason away truth through experience or perspective may soothe the conscience, but it doesn't quiet the soul.

While our needs are numerous, our very primal needs are few when considered in the grand scheme of it all. Even the basic staples of water and food seem irrelevent to survival considering the fact that we can exist for days without the first and weeks without the second. But without hope, survival is even further diminished. It is as intangible as a cool summer breeze, but nearly as essential as the air that comprises it.

To gaze at the horizon that a new day brings without hope of fulfillment is nothing short of lethal. We walk on borrowed time when our trust in that distant glimpse is lost. After all, why should we continue to exist when our reason for it is no longer there to cling to?

Hope is often all that we may ever have and thankfully all that we may ever need. Without it strength dissipates, will dies and reason lays ravished. Cling to it, and we continue to put one foot in front of the other, rising to greater heights and perservering in spite of circumstances rather than succumbing to them.

When we are in touch with the ideal of hope we become in tune with the very essence of our being. We've been granted the desire of our hearts through it in the personage of Christ and his beautiful and tragic work that brings us the hope of eternity. Acceptence of this rights our waywardness for the present and makes priceless our future.

The very act of our origin is the process of our existence. We are obligated to value the act that brought us into existence. To not do so denies a basic element of our being.

The Creator is honored when his creation participates freely in the creative process to bring him glory. It is who we are because it is who he is, and we are made to be like him.

Let your hands, mouth, feet, mind imitate the master artist who wove the landscapes of our world, the great virtuoso who weaves sound and motion in the wind and the waves and the songs of the masses, the omiscient scientist who structured the elements and breathed life into humankind.

Imagine. Dream. Create. Bring honor to the very one who birthed us by emulating who he is by doing what he does.

Without it we're nothing and with it all things are possible. It is our most valued possession, yet it cannot be bought nor sold. It is without measure and our most important command.

Hypocrisy is the most elusive human disease. But love crosses all barriers, heals all wounds and cures all ills. It dismantles hostility without words and constructs beauty in its wake.

Without love, there is truly no life, no purpose, nothing. With it, we are to never yield, and through it we empty self. Our fate is sealed without it and is only worthwhile with it. It is to be sought after with all our being.

God is Love.