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Review: Ending's Edge 5 song EP
Soaring vocal and guitar harmonies take center stage on this short 5 song from the band Endings Edge. The EP thunders from the beginning with the song “Hope to Burn." The dual guitar attack from Josh Apple and Ralph Haynes brings a strong sense of excitement to the track while the smooth bassline and vocal tenderness on the verse bring the listener to a lull before being re-awakened by the punching chorus. The song “Biggest Nothing” continues where the first track left off. The guitars seem to bite on an interlude between verses, and the semi-metalcore breakdown is a nice touch. Kudos on the scream.
If this band were to have a single, it would be “The Masochist Inside." Anyone who has attended their concerts since the beginning has heard it and can at least pretend to sing along to the catchy chorus. The recorded track is a great representation of the live song with great energy and some amazing harmonies. The 5-song ends with a ballad of sorts called “Pixel Partial." The initial mood I get from this song is one of mourning, but at a closer listen I begin to notice an air of worship. This song is a beautiful way to end this EP. Ending’s Edge is definitely a local band I would recommend. These songs are well constructed and beautifully flowing.



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