Lee Bennett
Lee is a regular guy who likes his sports and rock music. He's been blessed with a beautiful wife and three kids. That keeps him as grounded as it does busy. As much as he loves the four to whom he's deeply obligated, Lee is deeply aware of his grave responsibility to another...Christ.
He walked the aisle at 7, but it hasn't been until recently that he has been able to recognize and appreciate the ongoing process of redemption. Recently being challenged in regard to all that he believes has forced him to continually evaluate and work on his relationship with the One from whom all other relationships are made possible and of worth. For lack of better words, he's Baptist by birth and Christian by the grace of God.
email: lee [at] deathway.com

Philip Sasser
Philip is Creative Director of a Pensacola-based ad agency. He lives in paradise with his knockout wife, his son, and his shepherd mix. Dark secret: Philip was once rhythm guitarist for the Farting Pilgrims, a band that never quite made it. But they rocked. Really. Maybe.
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Jason Leger
Jason is a wandering soul who always has the desire for more, but is too shy and unconfident to try for it. He is currently an unemployed, uneducated dirtbag who watches a lot of TV and listens to even more music. Sound appealing? He's also single. He's been a "Christian" since high school but only recently has come to see the, quote-unquote, light. I say, "Good day, sir."
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